Md. Ferdous Alam, the youngest son of Md. Khorshed Alam, former Lawyer of Bangladesh Supreme Court, and Fatema Khanam. He was born on January 22, 1991, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Right after his high school graduation, he moved to Germany for his bachelor studies in the field of Electrical Engineering. He received B.Eng. degree in Information Engineering in 2014 from University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. Ferdous is currently pursuing M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering, specializing in Communication System Engineering, an international degree program offered by the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

He spent the earlier days of his life in a vicinity called “Green Road” in the capital city, Dhaka. Just like most Dhaka dwellers, he also has an ancestral residence, it is the village Shigherhati, a south-western part of district Munshigang.

During his middle school years he was an active member of the debating society. He was very efficient in terms of gathering relevant information and ideas regarding any arguments which paved his path to represent his school at the National English Television Debate. He is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about playing Cricket. His excellent cricketing skills and sense earned him the captaincy of the school Cricket team. Ferdous possess great sportsmanship and likes to play indoor and outdoor sports, such as, Badminton and Soccer. Recently, he took a basic course on Jujutsu from the Bremen higher education’s Sport section. He knows Basic and Feature Photography, which comes handy as a traveller. Ferdous is a campus member of AIESEC in Bremen. Among professional attachment, he is a Graduate member of IEEE, and Junior member of VDE (German Electrical Engineering Society). He is a native Bengali speaker, fluent in English, and intermediate in German.

In general, Ferdous is friendly and firm with people from every walk of life. This is possible due to his listening capability. His hobby is travelling. Being a traveller, he has visited many places in Asia and Europe, and reached out to different cultures. Consequently, it enabled him to appreciate various mindset.


Currently, Ferdous is a graduate student of the international Master's program in Electronics Engineering with focus on Communication System Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and he is expecting to graduate in the third-quarter of 2016.

In 2014, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Information Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. The topic of his Thesis is "Design and Implementation of an FPGA based Decimating FIR Filter for a Radar Prototype Sensor", it was completed as a scientific-project work in the industry. Furthermore, he accomplished Industrial Placement in Automotive business area with ABS Test bench's data processing tasks (see work). Both of his Bachelor Thesis and the Internship was examined and supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Leutelt, Program Coordinator and Deputy Head of the Department of Information- and Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg.
During his undergraduate studies in Hamburg, he completed the following projects: Digital Control of Model Trains, FPGA based programmable Filters in real-time applications, Design of a micro-controller controlled mixed signal test board, Software Engineering for IBM-SurePOS equipment with UML/Java, Computer Graphics and Simulation Project.

Ferdous completed his school and high school studies from Saint Jude's International School, Dhaka with British school and high school leaving certificates of GCE O-Level and GCE A-Level in 2006 and 2008, respectively. These international examinations are being conducted by the British Council in Dhaka, and they are equivalent to tenth grade and twelfth grade school leaving examination. The awarding body for both of the examinations is Edexcel International.

M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering

Mar/2015 - Present
Major in Communication System Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Germany

B.Eng. in Information Engineering

Oct/2009 - Aug/2014
Department of Information & Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

GCE A'Level

Feb/2006 - Jan/2008
Edexcel International, United Kingdom
Saint Jude's International School, Bangladesh

GCE O'Level

Jan/1995 - Jan/2006
Edexcel International, United Kingdom
Saint Jude's International School, Bangladesh


Just before the commencement of Master’s study, Ferdous had his first job experience with the PreMaster Program of Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, and stationing in two different departments. For a period of six months, Ferdous was involved as Trainee Engineer in the area of Radar signal processing, mainly responsible for FMCW regulatory GUI with Matlab, ADC - FPGA connectivity and communication, and FPGA based FFT implementation with VHDL. From summer term 2015, he is undertaking Master's study within this trainee program.

His Bachelor Thesis was accomplished as a placement at the Department of Advanced Engineering Sensor Systems, Robert Bosch GmbH, Leonberg in 2014, with the topic - "Design and Implementation of an FPGA based Decimating FIR Filter for a Radar Prototype Sensor". In the area of autonomous driving, a future MIMO Radar Prototype is being developed by Bosch, incl. the European Union and some renowned German universities. The thesis was accomplished within this project, where his focus areas were in Digital Filter Design – Radar Signal Processing, FPGA programming with hardware design language - VHDL, measurement of the implemented filter for performance analysis.

Ferdous completed his Industrial placement at the Department of Engineering Component and Hydraulics, Robert Bosch GmbH, Abstatt in 2013. Focal point was more onto the popular ABS / ESPi test-bench Data processing with Matlab and C/C++.

During his undergraduate studies, Ferdous worked part-time as a Student Assistant for nine months in 2012 at Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg. The job scope were focused but not limited to assisting on Engineering Project Management and Technical Documentation for Long Range Airbus A330/A340 aircrafts. Additionally, for another couple of months, he was also attached as a Student Assistant for Software documentation at Herberg Engineering GmbH, Hamburg in 2011.

PreMaster Program R&D

Oct/2014 - Aug/2016
Radar Signal Processing
Pre-development & Corporate Research
Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Bachelor Thesis

Feb/2014 - Aug/2014
FGPA based Filter design for Radar Prototype Sensor
Advanced Engineering Sensor System
Robert Bosch GmbH, Leonberg, Germany

Industrial Placement

Oct/2012 - Mar/2013
ABS/ESP Test bench Data processing
Engineering Compoent and Hydraulics Unit
Robert Bosch GmbH, Abstatt, Germany

Student Assistant

Jan/2012 - Sept/2012
Project Assistance for A330/A340 aircrafts
Department of Structural Repair Engineering
Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg, Germany